LCFCworld would like to thank Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha (formerly Raksriaksorn) for all of Support and Success at LCFC.

22 people kicking a ball around a pitch as we’s just a game right.

Look deeper into the memories that football creates, friends, families, enemies for that 90 minutes you are part of a very tribal community.

Look at little old ‘Leicester’ you know in the middle lands people all different backgrounds, faiths, cultures, sexualities and races a real melting pot coming together to enjoy the beautiful game. No football club embodies that more than Leicester City we know that roller coaster team and a team the whole world knows because of the impossible dream.

Remember you change your house, car, faith, politics but you cannot change your football club. That’s assigned at birth or something you form later in life.

This melting pot you share everything the from the travel, the beers the banter and of course he highs and the lows. Leicester City is a rollercoaster like no other. We’ve all witnesses promotions, relegations, three titles, 2 cup wins it goes on and on – and the mighty premier league win against all odds.

This is the darkest day for our community.

Without a doubt the high profile of the club. Your family made our impossible dreams a reality and for that we will always love you.

The kindest most caring man, working tirelessly not only for our great club but for our city and community, local hospices and the university, he gave us his time, business expertise and most of all love. More than any other club owner many who seem to be chasing the quick buck. That’s why he’s turned us into a success. He wasn’t  just some faceless foreign billionaire – he was visible, accessible, and heavily involved even when people challenged his appointments. And he has become one of our own, having had the fortune to meet the family at different times it now makes you humble what he gave to this community of ours.

Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha made himself part of our community he wanted to share it with us and the respect was there for all to see. He showed us nothing but respect and asked for nothing but patience and support.

Thank you Vichai. thank you for everything, rest in peace.