LCFCworld began its journey way back in 2000 with the intention of providing a user-friendly place which would allow the Foxes fans from across the world to surf  and discuss the Foxes – and anything else for that matter! LCFCworld is run by two lifelong Leicester City fans – both graphic & web designers we thought we’d put our skills to good use.

We have been busy over the past few summer months of 2014 trying new things, linking up with new sites, adding new features removing old ones!, the aim was never to become the biggest LCFC based community on the net we simply don’t have the time or resources for this yet but what we do want is to add to your LCFC experience.

We always take great pride to provide the very best place on the web for our loyal fans worldwide to congregate or take a look to discuss and to follow Leicester City Football Club with a different viewpoint to the club itself.

We pride itself on offering you, the fans, a place for intelligent and respectful debate about the issues that matter to you, and if you want to the you can also sign up for our MatchChat facility and discuss the latest news.

We are not politically motivated and endeavour to ensure that the website is ‘fun’, we don’t impose our own views or use the website as a vehicle to inflate ego and/or promote an agenda. It’s not our place. After all, we’re a platform for fans, nothing more.

We’re a couple of devoted foxes fans and we’re constantly trying to update this site whenever we can so please check back soon! If you feel you can add to our site or just want to be involved let us know!

Come on Leicester!

Hope you enjoy our site and feel free to comment and enjoy the banter!

LCFC World Boys